Saturday, November 19, 2011

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn

4 stars

Yes, I loved the movie! It was so good. I'm so glad that they separated the book into two movies, because this one was just about the wedding, honeymoon, and the birth of the baby. Making this book into one movie would have made everything rushed and too thin. I feel like it very closely followed the book. Not just in what happened and who said what, but it provoked the same feelings in the same places as the book did. The honeymoon part especially. It was very tastefully done, without cutting out the sex altogether. It was very much portrayed as two people deeply in love sharing a very intimate connection. I'm so glad they didn't cut it out completely or try to make it too hot-and-steamy-sex-sells-Hollywood style.

Also, the birth scene was awesome too! I usually am grossed out by blood, but I wasn't even though they made it pretty bloody. The ending was perfect too! I was wondering at what point would they end this movie, and they picked the perfect spot and it was just AWESOME.