Sunday, November 20, 2011

About me-Part 3

About Me-Part 3 continued from here Part 1 and Part 2Link

Jonah Christopher Johnson was born March 14, 2008 in American Fork, UT. He was a week overdue, and I still didn’t go into Labor, so I had to be induced. He was such a sweet baby and totally changed my life in every way.

In October of that year, Jerry was offered a job back in Augusta, GA so we moved to Georgia right before Thanksgiving. It took a while for me to make some good friends in Augusta, but when I finally did, it was well worth the wait. I heard about a book club starting from a mom’s group I went to and as soon as I met those women, we instantly became inseparable. They each had kids right about Jonah’s age.
Oliver Jack Johnson was born November 21, 2009 in Augusta, GA. He was due on Thanksgiving Day, but luckily he came 5 days early. I originally thought I was due December 23, so when I had my first ultrasound and found out that I was a month further along then I thought, I was so happy!
Jonah and Oliver became best friends instantly and are both glad to have a brother.

After Oliver was about 9 months old, I took up running again. I had done some running before we went to Jordan, and even completed a half marathon, but I wasn’t very well trained and even suffered a stress fracture in my foot that took months and months to heal. So after a 3 ½ year break I started running again and fell in love with it this time. I completed the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon in April of 2011 and had the one of the most fun days of my life. I’m looking forward to continue running throughout my life.

In June of 2011 we moved to Columbus, GA. Jerry got a job on Active Duty with the National Guard working with his brother James. It was really hard for me to leave Augusta, but luckily James and Ruth live here and it has been a wonderful experience so far.
Here is our families together (along with our nephew Thayne) We're together pretty much everyday.