Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our trip-Part 4

Ok, this is the last one.

After we left Jerry in Utah, we drove back to Kansas and spent a week with my sister. We had so much fun!!

Florence and Jonah. They are only 4 months apart, and had so much fun playing together!

Jeremy (my bro-in-law) with all the kids

We went to a lake, it was so so fun! I didn't get too many pictures of all the cool stuff they had there, but there were 2 water slides, a big sprinkler type thing out in the middle of the water, and this big "blob" thing that you can launch people off of. And, it was only $2!

My sister is so smart. She brought a sheet and their play tent and we had a nice, shady, and clean place to sit. (can you see it in the picture behind Jonah? We put a sheet on top too, because the top was open.)

Oliver and my beautiful sister, Amelia.

And Oliver started crawling!!