Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trip to Utah! pt 2

We had such a great vacation in Utah! We thought that being gone for a month would be so hard and stressful, but we had a really nice, relaxing time. Well, I did. Jerry had to work everyday, so it wasn't much fun for him, but we all still had a nice time. We were able to stay up American Fork canyon where Jerry's parents live. They let us stay in their nice trailer and it was really nice to have our own space, since we were there so long.

Jonah enjoying breakfast. A lot :)

Jonah spent like 45 minutes loading fruit loops in my hairbrush.

Helping BBQ

Jonah and Jerry at Highland splash park

We even got to go on quite a few dates (Thank you family babysitters) Here we are at a Bees game.

Jonah loves to vacuum!

Jerry got to go mountain biking with his brother Brad. They had a good time.

Jonah playing with his cousin Riley up in the mountains.

Jonah and my best friend Emily's son, Tucker.

Jerry and my Aunt Jenny running the Swiss Days 10k.

At Aunt Kristi's riding the tractor...

and the horses.

We were also able to spend a couple of days at my Grandparents cabin up in Midway. Jonah had so much fun playing with my Aunt Jenny's dogs.

S'mores at the Cabin.

It was such a wonderful trip. The drive home wasn't too bad. Just long. We didn't get to stop for more than a night at my sisters, so it was 4 days of straight driving. We played the license plate game and we were able to get 47 of the 51 states (50 + Washington DC) The only one's we didn't see were Vermont, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

It is good to be home now, and now it's time to start getting ready for the new baby.