Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jonah's Surgery

Here is an update about Jonah's ear issues, detailed here.

Well, after waiting weeks and weeks to the surgeon in Atlanta, then 2 months for the actual surgery, The cholesteatoma was finally removed a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to post an update (I know, you're SO surprised, based on how often I've been posting lately;))

The surgery went really well.  Jonah was really brave, and the Dr. was able to remove all the cholesteatoma, and there was no lasting effects.  No facial paralysis, and the inner ear bones weren't eroded too much so she didn't have to remove them. Such great news!

Waiting to be taken back.  He got this adorable bear from his Grandma and they gave the bear a little hospital gown too.

Waking up.  He was really really nauseated and sick.  The anesthesia makes you nauseous, plus whenever you get your ear worked on it makes it even worse.  He couldn't keep any food down until the next morning.  I felt so bad for him because he was so hungry, he kept begging for food.  We gave him a couple of Popsicles, but he just couldn't keep them down.

Luckily, the next morning he was able to eat, and these adorable clown doctors came and sang him some songs and tried to cheer him up.  It didn't really work, but after they left he said that he really liked the songs.
So, it's been business as usual.  After that first difficult night in the hospital, he's been acting like nothing happened at all.  He was feeling great and playing as soon as we got home.  The most difficult part of his recovery has been that we've had to keep him home and keep his activity to a bare minimum. You can imagine how difficult it is to keep a 4 year old boy calm and mellow.  Especially with a 2 year old brother who is always getting him excited.  The longer he sits around the more he wants to move and get crazy! He is very excited for when he can wrestle and jump and swim again-but we've still got at least about 3 more weeks.  It's getting to be a long summer! If anyone has any idea's of mellow activities we can do to fill our days, I would love to hear some suggestions!

We've been doing a lot of baking, coloring, movie watching, and game playing. 

 We went to his first follow up appointment yesterday and found out he actually has an ear infection in his OTHER ear! This explains why he has been such an awful listener, he can't hear out of either ear.  I won't lie, it's really been trying my patience, but at least now I know it's because he can't hear me, I'm feeling a lot more understanding.

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers, it just couldn't have gone better!

Book Review: Savannah from Savannah

Savannah from SavannahSavannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I started this book and put it down about half way through.  I wasn't going to finish it.  But I had nothing else to read and so I picked it up again about a month later.  Luckily the second half of the book was much better then the first half.  Nothing happened in the first part.  It took FOREVER to set up the story and then it just felt like "ok, it's set up now-let's get going" but the whole middle was just like...treading water-nothing happened.  Anyway the second half was pretty good and kept me picking up the book.  I just didn't really like Savannah as much as I should have.  And I get that her liking Coke is a cute character trait but you don't have to mention her going to get a Coke on every single page, even if she does drink it that often, we don't have to read about it.  Also, for Savannah and every relationship she has to completely change and evolve in one day was just a little stretched for me.

Anyway, I did like that it was based in Savannah, which did have a lot of charm.  I liked that this whole experience did change Savannah and help her to mature a lot.  Boy, did she need it!

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