Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review: Cowboys Never Cry


Cassie Danner doesn't swoon over cowboys. A young widow with a still- mending heart, she seeks solace in her new summer job as cook on a Wyoming dude ranch. How ironic that she ends up tussling with Robbin McKeag, the ranch owner's son and a superstar celebrity for having played iconic cowboys on the big screen.

Disillusioned with fame, Robbin has retreated to his dad's ranch to reconnect with the land. But there's something about Cassie that gets his goat. And Cassie can't help but be drawn to Robbin as he struggles to become a better man. Are they about to play out a classic romance, or will the cowboy mystique and charm wear off?

My Thoughts:

I LOVED the romance. It felt so realistic and not the cliche of the perfect man and the perfect woman and they just have to finally communicate and "poof" they get together in the end. Both are wounded in different ways and have some baggage, but they are working through it and it brings them closer and closer until finally, in the end they are in the same place. There was some serious chemistry and heat between them! One character does have a bad mouth, so just a warning there.

However, I was a bit bored with the main character going on and on about her recycling program and how the ranchers disrespect of the environment and wildlife. The book should have either been about the romance or conservation, not both.

Reading this made me miss living near the mountains so much. All I want to do is go hiking, backpacking, camping, horseback riding, and river rafting. Maybe I need to move to Jackson Hole.

If you are easily entertained (like me) and love a good love story, you should read this!