Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flashback Friday

My friend Bridget does Flashback Friday's on her blog, and this week, I loved her subject, so I'm borrowing her idea to post here.

Christmas presents. There is so much build up to all the gifts we receive every year at Christmas, but how long do we remember gifts that we have received? Surprisingly, I actually remember a lot of wonderful gifts I've received. Here are just a couple of the absolute most memorable.

LIFESAVERS: This was a stocking standard. In elementary school, they used to come in these collectible tins. Now they are the storybooks. My family would always cross country ski up to our grandparents cabin the day after Christmas and we would be snacking on lifesavers the whole time. These are perhaps my most treasured memories from my childhood, and to this day I have to take lifesavers with me anytime I go cross-country skiing or snowboarding. Everytime I taste a cherry lifesaver, It instantly feels like Christmas.

BARBIE DREAM HOUSE: 'Nuff said. With a family of 3 girls this was an essential toy for us, which we played with for years, even long after we were too old for barbies.

TRAMPOLINE: When I was in 4th grade, we had just moved into a new house 2 weeks before Christmas. We now had a living room, AND a family room, and therefore only furniture for one of the rooms. The living room was big and empty and had this big vaulted ceiling. When we ran downstairs Christmas morning, I ran full speed into a trampoline set up in the living room! I was knocked to the ground, but my excitement was far greater than the whiplash. The best part was the room was in the front of the house with this huge bay window. As people drove by our house, they could see these girls flying in the air, but they couldn't see the tramp. We spent all winter on that tramp in the living room. I think I slept on it every single night.

PHONE CALL FROM MY DAD: My dad called me yesterday, and he hasn't spoken to me in 9 years.