Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to Basics

Last night I mistakenly drank a big Cherry Coke at dinner and couldn't sleep. So I was up and watching Oprah at about 11:00 at night, and she had a very interesting show. It was about people who wanted to simplify their lives. They decided to, for one week (or more), get "back to basics". Here are a few example of what they did:

1. No TV
2. No Internet
3. No car (one lady was driving her kids the 2 blocks to school instead of walking them)
4. No spending (only a few dollars for perishable food, like milk, eggs, and bread)(One lady was shopping every single day and had about 2-3 years worth of food storage-which is good to have food storage, but she was out of control)
5. Dinner together at kitchen table (instead of in front of TV) each night
6. Kids had to put away all but 5 toys. (these particular kids had a huge playroom that was wall to wall toys)

All of these families were much much happier at the end of the week, and were going to continue (for the most part) with their new lifestyle.

So, I am going to go 7 days with no internet, no TV, no spending, and a few other things.

So long! I'll see you in a week to report how the week went.