Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving is coming.

Thanksgiving turkeys are gobbling.
Here what they say to you: "Thanksgiving time is here.
"You better stay clear..."
But pumpkin pies are inviting--
whipping cream adorning the....all over it
Begging to be eaten first, e'en 'fore the bird's throat is slit.
Mashed potatoes are delicious.
If they're made right, that is. Butter, lots of butter and adequate salt and milk.
Eat it up, every bit--don't stop to chew.
Suck it down, lick your plate, go back for plate number two.
The feast is only a week away: practice practice practice.
Stretch your stomach this way and that--fat, fat, fat!
And don't forget to start counting blessings.
You'll likely not stop the count before you say Thanksgiving grace.
Just be thankful for what you gather, 'for that is what truly matters.