Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter for Kids

On Saturday we went to a fun Activity at one of the local churches and we had such a fun time! It was called Easter for Kids. They read the story of the Three Trees (you know the one where one tree becomes the manger the baby Jesus was laid in, the second tree becomes the fishing boat Jesus rode on during the storm on the Sea of Galilee, and the third becomes the cross on which he was crucified). They also...

decorated eggs

finger painted, decorated a flower pot and planted a seed,

Went on an Easter Egg Hunt

and sang some fun songs.

They also saw a short play about the three trees and watched a little video about the atonement that was really neat. I especially liked the video because during all this fun and excitement, all the kids went quiet and listed to the movie. The spirit was there and it was really special.

I loved having Jonah participate in a really fun Easter Activity that was centered around Jesus, and not just candy and the Easter Bunny. I think this church does something similar at Christmastime. I wish that the church we go to would do things like this. However it's cool that it doesn't. I like getting more involved in our community outside our church family.