Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally we have internet! I didn't realize how much I use it until I didn't have it for 3 weeks.

It's so nice to be back together again. Here we are in our back yard on Thanksgiving. We had a delicious meal at a local restaurant, FATZ cafe. Jerry had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which I would compare to elementary cafeteria school lunch. I had some delicious ribs and was very happy and very full :) Jerry had to work that day from 2 to midnight, so it wasn't much of a Thanksgiving, just another day, but the last month has made us all the more thankful to be together.

We've just been getting settled. Jerry took Jonah running in the jogging stroller. It was very cold, so it wasn't too long, but Jerry was really excited. He's been waiting to take him jogging since we found out I was pregnant with Jonah.

Here is Jonah just being his cool self. Don't you just love the cute little curl above his ear!!