Sunday, October 12, 2008

Georgia, Here we come!!

We are moving to Augusta, Georgia! Jerry has gotten a job translating for a private company (not Army). He left for Baltimore this morning where he will be for the next month training, then Jonah and I will meet him in Georgia. We are so excited about this opportunity, but we are very sad to be leaving our family and friends! I will be really busy this month getting the house ready and trying to get Jonah to sleep (yeah he still won't nap hardly at all) But I would love to see everybody I can before we go, so if you have a minute, come on over and visit. And if you are REALLY bored and need something to do, I will welcome any help. Even if you just want to come over and play with Jonah so I can work on the house I would welcome anything. I know, shameless, but I am worried about being ready.

On other news, Jonah is growing so big. He is just about 7 months old now and still a cutie. He is too big for his swing. (see below)

Jerry ran the St. George marathon with 3 of his brothers. They all did really well and they all finished in under 4 hours, great job guys!

Jonah got into his first mischief. He pulled all the cd's off the shelf and was really proud of himself.

We have been working on our house like crazy. Here is how the bathroom started.

Then I thought I found a really beautiful color of green for the walls. Turned out HORRIBLE!

So we (Jerry) painted it twice in 2 days. This is how it ended up. New floor too! (the pic. doesn't show it, but the stenciling is gone)
Joey helped Jerry build this step in our office.

And...we finally finished our office which we started last February. It looks so good!! I love it. Too bad we are moving and I only get to enjoy it for a month :)

Now I just need to paint that door!

Here is the office before. And yes, that carpet was as gross as it looks!