Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm trying to drink more water, but...

Empty glass sitting next to me (previously filled with Diet Coke)

Jonah sees glass.

Jonah silently leaves room.

Jonah comes back into room holding an ice cold can of Diet Coke he got from the fridge, and quietly sets it on the desk.

“Mom, I brought you a Diet Coke. You need some more”

“Jonah, don’t you think maybe I should have some water instead?”

“No, it’s ok”

“Here, open it”

“It’s good”

“You need some more”

“Jonah, I think that I’m just going to have some water, will you please put this back?”

Jonah first looks shocked, then sticks out his bottom lip, it quivers for just a second, then he bursts into tears.

Is it my fault that I’m drinking another Diet Coke? I think not.