Monday, November 16, 2009

38.5 weeks!

Well, I only have 10 days left to my due date!! We are getting really excited. (TMI alert) I went to the doctor this morning and I am 70% effaced and almost dialiated to 3 cm! So I am getting close and defiantly progressing. So I could go into Labor today or it could be another week. This news has made me feel like it's going to be soon, but it could be bad if baby boy does want to wait another week.

We still haven't picked a name, so it would be nice to decide before I go into labor. I have posted a poll on the right side of this page, please vote your favorite names, and please leave a comment letting me know why you chose a name or your top couple favorites. Please don't forget to say ____ (name) Johnson so you can hear how they go together. Here are some of the reasons we do or don't love a particular name:

Oliver: We really like this and it is probably in our top two. One drawback is that when I say Jonah and Oliver together they kind of get mushed up together and it's a little difficult to spit it out.

Jeremiah: Jerry always has loved this name and when he was younger he always wanted his mom to change his name from Jerry to Jeremiah. Jeremiah Johnson is an old movie starring Robert Redford about a mountain man, of course Jerry has always wanted to be a mountain man :) However, I think that having Jerry, Jonah, and Jeremiah in the house might be a little confusing and they all might be too similar.

Jack: Jack is my grandpa's name and he is so near and dear to my heart. He always wanted someone to name a boy after him and no one has yet. But, it's another "J" name, it's crazy popular right now (I already have two friends with son's named Jackson), and then there is our last name-Johnson. Jack Johnson is a famous singer. About half of people I talk to about this even know who Jack Johnson is, but still. I went to school with a boy named Michael Jackson. I'm sure his parents never thought that naming their son Michael Jackson would be a big deal, but that was before Michael Jackson turned creepy. The boy in my school was certainly made fun of.

Luke: We just like it. It's growing on me more every day.

Caleb: We just like it. I was already thinking of it and my mother-in-law suggested it.

Alan: This is Jerry's middle name, and will probably be baby's middle name if it doesn't end up being his first name.

Desmond: We just like it. OK, it doesn't hurt that the Australian hottie from LOST is named Desmond;)

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon

We had a great time in Fort Oglethorpe, TN this weekend where Jerry completed his 15th marathon!!! He ran the 26.2 miles in 3:59:09. Jerry ran with his brother James, and James' friend Joe.

Jonah, Chase (Joe's son) and Spencer (James' son, our nephew). We all hung out together waiting for the guys to finish.

Jonah and me waiting for Jerry. There were hardly any spectators, so we just sat on the curb in the shade. It was nice.

Jerry approaching the finish.

Jerry and Jonah
Jerry, James, and Joe, Way to go guys!!!!