Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping and the Lake

We finally went camping for the first time since before Jonah was born. We had so much fun! Jerry and I used to go camping all the time and we have sorely missed it. What's even better is we got to go with my friend Tracie and her kids.

Jonah and his girlfriend

"Jonah please look at the camera", "NO"

Tracie takin' pictures

Ollie chillin'

He loved these little camping chairs.

Roastin' 'mallow's

more marshmallow's

And more...

Lots and lots of 'mallows.

Playing games, the best part of camping. Although this was one part that is a lot more fun without kids. I do love candyland, but even I have a limit. And the kids love cards, but well, we all know how that ends up ;)

The next day we headed out to Richardson lake which was awesome! It was a VERY clean and nice lake with diving boards, slides, and nice beach. It was so much fun!

Doing flips and diving was my favorite! I miss diving boards!

Oliver absolutely loved it. And just look at how clean that lake is. There were no rocks, weeds, sticks or any other kinds of icky goo.