Friday, September 24, 2010


I feel like every few months I go through different music phases. I have VERY eclectic music taste and like pretty much anything. What I find interesting is how some music I can be very familiar and I like it OK, then I can hear it and BAM it's like genius! It must have something to do with growing up and my taste changing.

Lately for me, this has been the case with Billy Idol. I don't know why, but recently I just can't get enough Billy Idol. How weird is that? I know my brother-in-law, Brad, won't be surprised, because he is a huge Idol fan, in fact I pretty much love all the music he loves. There is another person who has almost the exact musical taste as me. Vicki, who I used to work with at TwinLab. She is always posting stuff on Facebook that when I hear it, I'm like "Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" (yes, good music makes me say stuff like that)

What music are you loving these days?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New post?

I know that blogs are boring when there is only a new post like every couple weeks. THIS blog is boring. I'm bored right now just looking at it. I actually think of new post idea's every day, but by the time I actually have 15 minutes to sit down at the computer, I've either forgotten what I was going to write about, or I've decided that my subject was stupid. Or (tell me if this has happened to you) I sit down intending to write up a new post and decide to check my email-really quickly. When I always have some new notifications from facebook. So of course I get "sucked-in" (as Jer and I call it) to the computer and waste like 30 min on Facebook. By the time I'm ready to write up my post, my free minute is gone and one of my boys, or more likely-both, need my attention.

So let me pose a couple questions. Is it better to post more often with less than great subject matter, or less often with a more interesting post? How can I avoid getting "sucked in" and wasting my precious free time? Since I read a lot, would anyone be interested if I started posting book reviews? And the most important question, what should I make for dinner tomorrow?