Sunday, September 7, 2008

I know it's time to add a new post, but my camera is still broken, and I can't think of much to write about. Jonah is super cute. He loves to stick out his tongue and jabber on all the time. (wish I could post a picture)

For Labor Day we went up to Midway on Friday and stayed with my grandparents at their cabin. Saturday Jerry, Brad, and Joey ran the 10k and did really well. I think they had fun. We walked around Swiss Days for as long as we could stand the crowds, then went back to the cabin and had a fun day of making potato salad and playing games. It was really fun. I am so lucky that Jerry loves the cabin and playing games as much as I do. That is what I did ALL the time growing up, and not many in my family go anymore.

Sunday evening we went up to Mutual Dell for Dinner and a campout with Jerry's family. Dinner was AWESOME, but camping was rained out, so we all slept throughout the cabin, lodge, and trailer. We also had an amazing breakfast together. All in all we had a really fun Labor Day weekend.

Jonah had his first cereal a week ago and LOVES it. When I put him in the highchair now he immediately starts howling and making all kinds of sounds because he knows that means that food is coming. It is really adorable.

I finished reading Breaking Dawn and loved it! I can't help it, I love the Twilight books, although the middle two got a little melodramatic. I really liked this 4th book, but think that parts were a little too mature for young teen girls to be reading.