Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinner at the Texas Roadhouse

Last night the Johnson Family met up at the Texas Roadhouse Grill for Dinner so we could get together before Jerry's Brother James leaves for Afghanastan next week. I was really fun to all get together as a family.

However we ended up waiting for over an hour for a table, even though 3 other large parties were seated first even though we were there before them. Now this wouldn't be so bad, except that EVERY time the Johnson family tries to go out to a restaurant together this happens. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Usually when we attempt this it is in St. George on Marathon weekend, so naturally I assume that they will be busy. But now I know that we are just jinxed.

I must say that usually this long long wait is followed by very bad service, but luckily we did get pretty good service last night. Well, except that Brett was served two salads with the wrong dressing before she finally got it right.

On another note, I finally finished going through all the baby stuff I have received, returned the duplicate stuff, and purchased what I still needed. So as of now, I have everything I need with the exception of a stroller (I hope) It feels good that I am finally almost prepared. Well, stuff prepared. As for for me personally, I'm not sure I will ever feel prepared to become a mother, but does anyone?