Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Christmas Trip

Snowboarding with Jerry and my mom.

It was FREEZING, but at least it snowed.

My mom and me.

Windburn.  Seriously, it was SO cold.  But we had a blast!

North Pole Express.  We had to take the boys (Jonah especially) because he is obsessed with trains, and particularly "The Polar Express"

It was really fun, the boys loved it.

Jonah was almost in shock, it was so neat.

One happy boy.

You ride the train to the "North Pole" where Santa got on the train, went to each child and gave them a sleigh bell.

Oliver was very interested in that bell.

Christmas Eve we got to visit my sister that I hardly ever get to see.  These are my nieces and nephew.

I just had to put this picture in.  Jonah wearing a Back to The Future shirt and a Star Trooper helmet.  Too Cool.

The girls-Emily and me.  Josie, Tenley, Sofia, and Cortnie

The Guys-Jerry, Oliver, Christian, and Jonah (My Bro-in-Law wasn't there)

Christmas Eve Dinner at Wingers-a Tradition (well, whenever we are in town)
Christmas morning.  Jonah got the Polar Express Train he was begging for for months.  He loves it of course.

Jerry, his dad, and his brother and nephew all got remote control helicopters for Christmas and this is what they were doing all day.

Oliver got this drum filled with musical instruments.

Some of the cousins singing Christmas songs along with the player piano.  It was such a blast.

Most of my family-One of my sisters lives in Kansas and wasn't there, we missed her and her family!  (Luckily, they live right along the route to Utah,  so it was good to stop and visit with them on the way and the way back.)
Our New Years Eve-in the car driving back from Utah to Georgia.  We stopped at a gas station and got ice cream to celebrate.
We also had some sparklers.  But they we old and wouldn't light.  We just pulled over at midnight in a parking lot for the New Year.  Maybe not glamorous, but memorable.  This is Jodi, Paige, and Spencer-our Nieces and Nephew that live right by us in Georgia, they went with us on our trip and just made the drive awesome!!