Monday, November 14, 2011

About me- Part 1

Last night I asked what I should write about and Kathryn responded. She said I should write about myself. This is a good idea, I don't write much about myself lately. I guess it's because I feel like I'm pretty uninteresting these days. I am going to put in a "self history" that I wrote this year for a family reunion. Maybe it will get my creative juices flowing and I can start thinking of stories from my life I could post here. Not that they will be too interesting, but since this blog really serves as my journal, I would like to have these recorded somewhere.

Also, If anyone wants to know anything specific about me, or my "self history" sparks any questions "Like, why did you move that time" or "what was ____like" I would love for you to ask me. Even if you think it's too personal or uncomfortable, I would love to answer.

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah April 25, 1983 to Joseph Timothy Clark and Brynn Denise Palmer. I am the youngest of three daughters. My older sisters are Emily Ann Clark (Bills) and Amelia Brynn Clark (Boyle). We lived on Elgin Ave. in Salt Lake City, Ut
In September 1986 when I was 3 ½ we moved to Alpine UT where we lived at 710 South 580 West. It was a great neighborhood. I’m pretty sure that every household in the neighborhood were active members of the church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints), mostly with young kids the same age as me and my sisters, with 7 kids my age alone. It was a great place to grow up. All the neighborhood kids would play night games like kick the can or steal the flag just about every evening in the summers. Behind our house was an empty field that belonged to our neighbor. She would let us play in it whenever we wanted, as well as use it to “babysit” another neighbor’s horses when they went out of town. The field also gave us (and all the other neighborhood kids) access to “The Gully”, where we would go often to play in the creek and explore in the trees. I attended Alpine Elementary.
When I was about 9, my parents bought a piece of property within the ward boundaries and built our family’s dream house. It was a beautiful Victorian style home on Sunset drive. Because we had moved into a bigger home with a family room and a parlor, we didn’t have any furniture for the parlor. We had moved in a couple weeks before Christmas. When we came running down the stairs on Christmas morning we were surprised and absolutely thrilled to run right into a trampoline set up inside our parlor! We really had the best winter ever jumping on the tramp everyday and sleeping on it every night. It was a wonderful time for my sisters and me. Unfortunately, my parents divorced about 2 years later, but we remained in the house with my mom. She remarried John Alan Jardine about a year later. I attended Mountain Ridge Jr. High, and then Lone Peak High School for my Sophomore year of High School.
When I was sixteen, my stepdad John got a new job in Las Vegas, NV. My mom was a nurse for Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) and was able to transfer to the IHC hospital in St. George, UT. So we split the difference and moved to Mesquite, NV in June 1999. My sister Emily had already married and Amelia had just graduated high school, so it was just my parents and me that moved to Mesquite. I loved Mesquite! I got my first job soon after we moved there as a hostess at Carollo’s, a restaurant famous for ribs. Mesquite is a pretty small town and I was able to make friends pretty easily and quickly. I attended Virgin Valley High School and played on the first ever Virgin Valley Girls Soccer Team in 1999. We weren’t very good but we had a blast. I changed jobs and became a Life Guard where I worked at the city Rec center as well as Casablanca Resort. I also worked at the Movie Theater about once a week selling tickets at the box office (the best job at the theater, by far!). My senior year I was a “VVette” a member of the drill team and loved every minute of it! I had danced off and on since I was 5 and really enjoyed coming back to dancing which has remained a lifelong passion. During my last year of High School I was also elected and served on the Senior Class Student Council as the Activities Chairperson.

To be continued...Here (Part 2) and Here (Part 3)