Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I hate birds

There are these birds that live right outside my bedroom window and every morning at 6 am they start chirping their brains out. I think they are intentionally trying to wake me up and annoy me. As if it isn't hard enough to sleep when pregnant, really!! It is right out of the movie Failure to Launch

(I couldn't find the clip of her explaining about the bird that is driving her to drink, so I included the clip of what she does about it.) If only I had a BB gun:) (just kidding)

On another note, we bought a new camera in March. Charged the battery and used the camera. The battery ran out and I went to recharge it and it won't charge. I think it's the charger, but I am super annoyed. Why can't anyone make anything that works anymore!!!!!

Wow, I am really complaining today! I will post something nice next time:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pregnant Again

We are happy to announce that we are expecting another baby! I'm due Thanksgiving day (Nov. 26).

I'm sick as a dog like last time, but am happy to be in the United States this time for the first trimester. I don't really feel less sick than I did when I was pregnant with Jonah in Jordan, but at least I have more access to foods that are a bit more appealing, and less exposure to smells and experiences that made me feel worse last time.

I thought that I was only about 8 weeks, but when we went to the doctor on Tuesday and had an ultrasound we found out that we're actually 12! I was so excited, that means a whole month less of throwing up. It also means that the baby won't be born 3 days before Christmas, like we thought, which will be a very good thing.