Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Utah!

Day 1: Augusta, GA to Clarksville, TN
We set off at 12:30 pm and got as far as Clarksville, TN on the Tennessee/Kentucky border. We were stopped 3 separate times in traffic for about 45-60 min each time. Here are some beautiful views along the way:

And here is the old fashioned crib that the hotel there provided. I thought all hotels used port-a-cribs now.

Day 2: Clarksville, TN to Manhattan, KS
Not a very eventful day. We drove over the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers a few times, it always amazes me how huge these rivers are. Most of the bridges look like this:

We also past through St. Lewis and the beautiful arch, but didn't stop. We stopped there 5 years ago when we made this same drive. Of course 5 years ago it only took 2 1/2 days without kids instead of the 4 days it took with a toddler and me being 6 months pregnant.

We made it to Manhattan, KS where my sister lives and which also happens to be exactly half way.

Day 3: Manhattan, KS
Somehow we were able to work it out so that we had a whole week before we needed to be in Utah, and so we were able to stop for 2 days in Kansas and visit with my sister and her family. It was such a nice visit and a great way to break up the drive.

We visited a great splash park that puts the little one in Augusta to shame. We had such a blast, especially Jerry who had a great water gun fight with a couple other kids who were there.

My sister, Amelia, and her kids, Florence and Everhett.

Day 4: Manhattan, KS cont.
We went to a very small zoo called the "Sunset Zoo" which we think may be a place for old animals to come to die. Which is actually kinda sad, but we had fun making jokes about it the entire time. I thought I had taken lots of pictures at the zoo, but I don't have one, so I must have forgotten my camera. That evening we went to a park and had a little BBQ:

Here's the kids at bedtime. There was a small hole in the sheet, which they all thought would be fun to try to crawl inside. Needless to say, the sheet is ruined but they all got inside :)

Day 5: Manhattan, KS to Frisco, CO
Back on the road. A long day driving through Kansas. Here is what we looked at ALL DAY LONG: farms.

oh, and cows and power lines.

We made it to Frisco, CO which a small town just past Denver. It was so beautiful, we didn't want to leave! It reminded me of a mini Park City. There was a great rec. trail that started right outside our hotel and Jerry went on a great run around the small lake there.

Here's a random picture of what we would find Jonah doing in the back seat to keep himself entertained. He played with this box for like 30 min. He was so good by the way. We made it all the way there and back without either of us sitting in the back seat once. Granted the DVD player we picked up from my sister helped a lot (Thanks Milly!!)

Day 6: Frisco, CO to American Fork Canyon, UT

Another long boring day. I didn't take any pictures because I don't think there is anything good to see on the western side of CO or the Eastern side of UT. Jerry thinks it's beautiful, but me, not so much!

I'll post more of our trip another day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're home!!