Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pioneer Woman

When I was growing up I thought I was a pioneer. Whenever we had to do something hard, my dad would tell my sisters and I that we were pioneer women and that we were strong and we could do anything. We even had a quilt that we called the pioneer blanket. (I don’t have any idea why it was called the pioneer blanket. As I am the youngest in my family, the name must have come about sometime before I can remember, but I’ve never thought to ask anyone). Whenever the power would go out we would light candles and cuddle under our pioneer blanket and tell stories or listen to my dad read, or just giggle and have an excellent time. My ancestors were pioneers who came across the plains and so I guess that I have pioneer blood in me. I grew up in the mountains: camping, backpacking, hiking, cross country skiing, making fires, and doing all that kind of great outdoor stuff. When I got a little older I learned to ride horses, tie knots, sew, and even shoot guns. Besides all this fun outdoor stuff, I’ve always been especially independent. Both my parents worked and my whole family was always pretty busy, so I just learned to take care of myself. I even lived on my own, basically in my car or staying at friends’ houses during the summer before my senior year of high school, while working two jobs and participating in drill team and student council. By now you’re probably thinking that I should stop bragging and get to the point. Be patient, I’m getting there. The point of telling you all of this is that basically I’ve always thought of my self as self-sufficient and able to take care of myself.

Ever since I’ve been with Jerry and especially since we moved to Georgia, my life has been very different. He helps me so much and I’ve really learned to rely on him, probably even too much. Before he left this past summer, I had a really hard time almost every day when he would leave for work. I just felt like I couldn’t handle things on my own, and it really bothered me. A pioneer woman wouldn’t cry just because her husband was going to work for the day. When he left for the summer, the first few weeks were extremely hard. Luckily I had a lot of help and as the summer went on I finally started feeling like I was handling things alright and even sometimes like I was succeeding. By the end of the summer I finally started feeling a bit like my old pioneer self again.

However since I was little there has always been one thing that I couldn’t do and felt embarrassed that a strong independent woman should be able to do. Drive a stick shift (manual transmission) car. My mom never learned and I always thought that was so out of character for her. She was the one dragging me and my sisters all over the mountains (by herself) and teaching me most of my pioneer “skills”. I’ve been taught on about four different occasions to drive a stick shift, but I’ve never had my own manual transmission car, so I never got enough practice to be able to do it smoothly. A few weeks ago Jerry bought an old little truck (with a manual transmission) for him to commute to work in. I have been a little apprehensive to drive it because it’s been about three years since I even attempted to drive a stick. Tonight I decided to drive to the store to get us a soda and to take the truck out for some practice. Jerry couldn’t go with me to help me because we have the boys and there isn’t exactly room for two car seats and two adults. Anyway, I did really well and I just couldn’t stop beaming with pride because I finally feel like I conquered this. I know it’s something small and silly, but that is exactly why it’s always bothered me that I couldn’t do it. So I challenge you to conquer something that you’ve always wanted to learn to do. Maybe even before the end of the year. Why wait until the New Year to start your new year’s resolutions? What is something that you’ve always wanted to be able to do?

Friday, November 12, 2010

My cute boy

Me: "Jonah, are you going to grow up to be big, strong, and brave like daddy?"
Jonah: "No, I"m going to be a puppy"

It was a beautiful day, and Jerry rolled down the window of the car to get some fresh air. The wind coming in the window was blowing on Jonah and he yelled "No, my HAIR!"

During Oliver's nap, I smelled some stink coming from Jonah. Knowing that he had messed his diaper, I asked, "Jonah, did you poop?" to which he replied "No, it was Oliver!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Katie-Talks-in-Sleep and the Glass of Water

Once, many moons ago, Katie-Talks-in-Sleep and her Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg were sleeping soundly on their leopard skins, that Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg had acquired during violent hunting episodes in the nearby woods. Katie-Talks-in-Sleep was only recently given to Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg in marriage by her mother, and they had only slept in their modest lean-to but a handful of nights.
Katie-Talks-in-Sleep loved water. She used to be a man-child-life-saver by the riverside prior to being courted by her Warrior. After their first engagement at the Medicine Man's spiritual revival for single-adults, they would go on swim adventures to the deepest lakes, and fjord the raging rivers that surrounded the territory where they met.
But, the author digresses.
Katie-Talks-in-Sleep's Man-man was thus sleeping, sawing logs with a bone-handled rock (as the primitive metaphor might allow), when Katie-Talks-in-Sleep awoke him and said, 'Husband, give me some water.'
Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg drowsily rubbed his eyes and considered the request his Woman had made of him, reached over and procured the cup of water which the couple maintained at the side of their sleeping skins and placed it into Katie-Talks-in-Sleep's waiting hands. She clasped the cup ever so tightly. Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg layed back down and began chopping logs immediately.
'Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop......chop, chop, chop, chop...'
Suddenly, Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg was suddenly awoken by the piercing of the still night by Katie-Talks-in-Sleep's shrill--"WHY AM I ALL WET!?!" She was soaked through, from the top blanket down to her under-skins. The cup she had taken from Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg was lying on the bed, emptied of its contents.
"...Um, you ask for glass water," Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg replied, dumbfoundedly.
"No, I did not," she rebutted.
"Yes, Katie-Talks-in-Sleep, did" Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg responded.
"Um, No, Jerry-with-Brown-Spot-on-Leg, I did not." And with that Katie-Talks-in-Sleep wrapped a towel about her and went back to bed.

The End.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

out of ideas

Wow, I really lost my steam on blogging idea's. However I'm proud that I've made it a third of the way through the month without missing a day. Ya hoo!

I had a really productive day today which feels so nice. Cleaned out the garage, cleaned out the office, my email inbox, kitchen, and bedroom. But the kids were really whiny and clingy today. I wonder why?... It just goes to show that you can't have it all. And that's ok.

Wow, this is really boring. At this point, this is probably what you look like as a result of being so bored reading this post:

Or maybe:
Normally I would delete this and just go to bed. But I can't miss a day and I don't know what else to write about. And I'm really tired. This is how I feel:

So...I'm going to bed.

Does anyone have any blog ideas for me for the next 20 days of November?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today I woke up just feeling overwhelmed with all the things I need to do. Lately these things have either been keeping me up at night or making there way into my dreams. I've got a few projects and responsibilities right now in addition to all the usual things required to take care of my house and family. I keep telling myself that it really isn't very much. Compared to most my life isn't really that complicated. All this year Jerry and I have been working on trying to simplify our life. And despite all we have done to clear away stuff, responsibilities, and free our time of things that are unimportant, those spaces just fill up as fast as we clear it away. I know that this is part of life, but it's proving much harder than I anticipated to keep our lives simple. I think that growing up with a complicated life makes it really difficult to really identify the stuff that isn't really important, until it's too late. I know this probably doesn't make any sense. Sorry. It's like I'm so used to having 40 things to do that I had to pick and choose the MOST important and let the rest go. But lately I've been getting almost caught up, and when that happens I don't feel pressure to get anything done and end up wasting time. Then I get behind again on all the things to be done, and it starts all over. I also end up taking on projects that I don't really want to do and normally I would never have time for so it was easy to say no. Lately I kind of have more time so I'm saying yes to things that I shouldn't.

My goal in working on simplification was so that I will be able to accomplish what I need to each and every day, then have time left over to do what I enjoy. Like reading, watching a movie, working on a fun project, spending time with friends and family, learning something new, or just spending time with my family doing something that's only purpose is fun. Like going to the park as opposed to the grocery store.

I'm really tired, and I don't know how to end this thought, so...

That's all I have to say about that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Oliver is growing up too fast.

Besides growing this insane mustache, Oliver took his first steps today! I'm not ready for my baby to no longer be a baby!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend in Charlotte

I'm home! I big thank you to Jerry for:
1. Letting me go away and watching the boys for the WHOLE WEEKEND
2. Updating the blog the WHOLE WEEKEND
3. Besides taking care of the boys, he kept the house pretty tidy, kept up on the dishes and even had dinner cooking in the crock pot when I walked in the door. What an amazing guy!

My trip was SO SO fun! Me, Lexie, and Tracie went to visit our friend Amy and we just had such a fun time. We went out to dinner, shopped for 6 hours (with NO kids or any other responsibilities to hurry us), ate, and mostly just talked.

Just what I needed. Now on to getting ready for the holidays!