Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls just want to have fun

It's true. Men want to know What do Women Want? They just want to have fun. Seriously. I am in some dire need to just relax, let go, and have some serious FUN!

Luckily we're going to go to Atlanta tomorrow, and meet James and Ruth and family. We're going to play for the day then ALL come back here. We always have such a blast with them, and I'm really excited! I am just praying the none of us get sick. Like the last time we were together on Thanksgiving. And the time before that when they watched our (sick) kids when we went on our Cruise. And the time before that. Let's just say, we have a bad luck streak going that I'm really hoping will be broken this weekend.

Do any of you know of anything really FUN we can do in Augusta this weekend?