Saturday, November 27, 2010


Ah, Thanksgiving is a wonderful Holiday. Family and friends congregate to enjoy each others' company and to share and enjoy delicious food. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing...sweet potatoes, corn, peas...pumpkin pie, apple pie, candy-bar pie...Yumminess.
We spent our holiday with Jerry's brother James and his family in Columbus, Georgia. We played games, sat around the house talking, playing with the kids, and shopping. Katie and Ruth went to see Tangled while Jerry and James "took care of things around the house."
And then disaster struck.
((Cue suspenseful music))
Friday night started off nice. Jerry, Katie, James and Ruth went to see Unstoppable while the kids stayed home and watched movies and went to bed. When we returned Jonah and Oliver were both asleep; Oliver in the porta-crib and Jonah on a spare mattress, his head and torso on the floor, while the rest of him lay on the bed. (He was in one piece, don't misread that!) Jerry put him back in bed and pulled up the covers and then he and Katie went to bed.
And then, like the warning of flames spitting up from the 'Fire Swamp', Jonah's stomach began summoning his digestive system to give up their contents and BAM!
Jonah was throwing up.
Katie and Jerry took turns on watch, listening for the warning of Jonah needing to throw up. Burp and gurgle-- get him over the bowl--heave. It was a gruesome and sleepless night for all of us. Except for Oliver who slept quietly in the adjacent room.
Jonah's stomach was as true as Old Faithful and every 20 minutes Jerry or Katie was at his side holding him over the bowl. Bless his heart. If he could, he would have slept through each episode. In fact, he probably did every time after 2 am.
When 7 am finally came around, Oliver began crying and Jerry went to get him only to find that his Aunt Ruth had already gotten him and had taken him to the bathroom because, yeah, he too, had the bug and was throwing up. Thank goodness he slept the whole night, otherwise, this night would have been doubly-disastrous.
Thank goodness, the severity of it all had passed by this point and all of them, especially Jonah, Oliver, and Katie, got some much needed naps that afternoon. Until Katie got sick too.
It was a long, long 5 hour drive home from Columbus.


Lisa K said...

We've spent the last 3 days throwing up here too!