Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh man!!!

I was doing so well and I missed posting yesterday! I'm so disappointed in myself. However, I think I do have a pretty good excuse. Yesterday we had a birthday party for Oliver who turns 1 today! I was so busy all day yesterday getting ready for his party, and then busy partying hard that I completely forgot about the blog and NaBloPoMo. Oh well, if I had made it through the whole month perfectly, that just wouldn't be like me, because hey-I ain't perfect. So maybe I'm kind of glad I missed a day. Because perfection is boring.


Missy said...

Happy birthday Oliver!!!!! We love you little man.

Bridget said...

Happy birthday!

By the way, I am scouring the grocery stores here for the ingredients to that pumpkin dessert you posted about. I've tried two stores so far and I still need evaporated milk and pumpkin canned stuff. We're going to Spinney's today. Wish me luck!!!!