Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So funny, so true

I'm just going to direct you to another funny post today.

Does anyone else love Friends as much as I do.  It started when I was only 11!  I can't believe that because it feels like I was a teenager, but maybe it's just cause it's been in reruns for so long.  Now that I'm older it seems even funnier!

Also, did you ever see Date Night?  If your married, and especially if you're a parent, you will no doubt find this movie so funny and so true.  My favorite is the opening scene when they are lying in bed, the clock reads 4:59 am.  They can hear the kids coming to their bed and they whisper, "don't move".  I do that all the time.  And Mark Wahlburg does do all kinds of right.  Right?

Do you watch the TV show "The Middle"  The Hecks are so so similar to how I grew up.  So it feels funny because it's familiar to how life was as a kid and a member of a family.  But now that I'm a mother and a wife, all those struggles and situations strike a chord with me too.





and I can't find a clip, but the Mother's Day episodes are the best! (Season 2, episode 21)


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