Sunday, May 15, 2011

ideas, mud, and moving

I think of new and wonderfully awesome ideas for blog posts all the time. If I actually wrote and posted all of these amazing idea's I think this blog could be pretty awesome. But finding the 10 minutes to sit down at the computer, and remembering the idea simultaneously hardly ever happens. And when it does, my poor writing skills always leave me disappointed. So...I just wanted to let y'all know that your missing out on some great stuff. Maybe sometime I'll actually start getting down all the stuff I want to. Until then...This is all you get. Sorry.

Today I wish I could write an amazing post about the totally awesome Marine Mud Run Jerry and I did yesterday. But, we didn't have the camera (because we were both running through the mud) I'm still hoping that some people we know who took pictures will post them, but I know that the pictures in my mind of how I remember it don't exist. It's really too bad.

Here is a picture of a bunch of us ladies from my ward before we started. There were two more teams of women from my ward, another team of friends, and Jerry had a team too. So, needless to say "everyone is doing it" :) Hopefully I'll get more pictures soon :)

On another note...We're MOVING! No, not back to Utah:( We are literally going to be "Crossing Georgia" (wow, now the blog name is so appropriate, who saw that coming, right? I didn't) and moving to Columbus, GA which is on the western border of Georgia. I am really really bummed about leaving all of my amazing friends here, but Jerry will be going from a job that he REALLY hates to a job that will finally use all this Army training he's been going through for the last 6 years. We are pretty sure that Jerry is going to love his new job (he better, right? No pressure Jer) The other good thing is that Jerry's brother lives there so we'll get to spend lot's and lots of time with them, which is awesome, because we love them. And we like them too. ;)


Anna said...

You're coming to Ft. Bening! That's so awesome!(Though I'm sorry you're leaving all your friends.) When are you coming? We are here in Columbus until Christmas. Do you know what ward you will be in? We are in the Rivercrest ward. I am excited!