Friday, November 8, 2013

No NaBloPoMo

Usually November is the month where I participate in NaBloPoMo, however I am not doing it this year.  As you've noticed, I haven't even blogged since March.  So, instead of posting everyday in the month of November, how about November is just the month I return to blogging.  I doubt anyone even reads this anymore, but I'm terrible at keeping a journal, so I'm going to try to update more often so I at least have documentation that I was alive and when I spent my life doing.

Below are a couple of book reviews.  I haven't been reading hardly at all the last couple of months which is strange and just WRONG to me, so hopefully I'll get back to reading and reviewing books.

The biggest reason I haven't really been blogging is that we bought a house and have been moving, unpacking and getting settled the past few months.  I'm torn whether to post pictures of my house as it was before we moved in, as it is now, or wait and post a room at a time as I do the necessary changes getting each room as I like it....Maybe I'll do all three.   Before that, here is a quick history of the house.  It is an older home that sat empty for 2 years before an investor bought it, gutted it, and completely refinished it (flipped it). 

Here are pictures of my house before we bought it; staged for selling with furniture that isn't mine (sigh).  However I hate the paint color and they painted every single room, walls and ceiling, in the same boring color (ugh).  So my biggest project will be repainting with color on the walls and repainting the ceilings white.  I've got one room totally done, and at least the ceiling in the living room/kitchen done.  But I've still got so much to do! (Sorry the photo's are terrible.  I am really a bad photographer.

And the BEST part of the house:

I am so incredibly lucky to have a pool in the back yard.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my house!


Tracie said...

Katie!!! It's beautiful! Congrats!