Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Jerry and I went to a wedding reception this evening.  I don't think we've gone to a wedding reception since before we had kids.  The problem is that we don't know too many single people any more, and the few that were left got married in Utah while we lived in Georgia.

I love weddings.  I love dressing up and getting to see and visit with so many family and friends.  I love seeing the beginning of a couples lives together.  Especially the last few years, it feels like most people I know and the USA in general is just full of bad news, hard times, and tragedy. Things have been tough for so many people, and I just love attending an event of celebration.

There was a photo booth at the reception which I thought was fun, so we got a few pictures taken

And Congratulations and Best Wishes to Cameron and Sariah!

P.S. If you are getting married, send me and invitation, I will totally give you a nice gift!