Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I finally saw Phantom of the Opera! Yes, I know what you're thinking: How did I go 28 years without ever seeing Phantom of the Opera? Well, I'm really not sure. I LOVE movies, books, musicals all things of this nature, but the truth is I just really never got around to it.

Anyway, it was AMAZING! I want to watch it again. You could just listen to that movie, never look at the screen and it would be awesome. On the other had, you could just watch it without the sound and be equally rewarded. It is just full of beautiful people. Can I say Gerard Butler? Oh yeah!

And I want to see it on Broadway. And get the album and know all the songs. Right after I finished watching it, my sis-in-law came over and brought up a good point-

Is the phantom real, or is he just in her mind?

This never even occurred to me until she brought it up, From the movie, I think it's pretty obvious that he's real. But since movies are much different from plays, I ask you. Especially if you've seen the play.

Also, is there anything else out there that is something you just love that I need to make sure I experience?