Friday, July 8, 2011

How many synonyms can I find for friend?

Since moving to Columbus, one thing has become alarmingly clear.

I CANNOT EXERCISE BY MYSELF. Or should I say, that I don't exercise by myself, and if I do then I really hate it.

If I have a pal to meet me (accountability) I am excited to go and look forward to it. I also really enjoy the exercise because I have someone to chat with and before I know it, we're done and feeling good.

In Augusta, I had some great workout cronies, some were gym class companions, some walking sidekicks, and one amazing running confidant. Not only do I miss the good feeling I get from exercise, I really miss my friends. Having someone to just gab with multiple times a week is extremely therapeutic. Especially when that person is an amazing cohort who will never judge you and you can just be 100% your self around them.

Luckily, my dear sister-in-law lives here in Columbus, and she is a fantastic workout buddy! She is great to talk to, always shows up, and constantly motivates me to do work a little harder. Unfortunately, she went on vacation for 3 weeks and I haven't exercised ONCE since she left. Sometimes I really feel like a failure because I have no motivation to exercise by myself. I shouldn't feel guilty or weak because of this. It's okay to need a consort. And I do. This also really helps me understand why someone could say that they hate exercise. When I'm alone, I do to. But when I'm with a chum, I LOVE it!

(so how many did you count?)


Tracie said...

I counted 7.

And I miss you! :)