Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Fat Tonsils

We may finally know part of the reason that Jonah has been such a stinker lately and why he won't nap! His tonsils are seriously swollen which is likely causing sleep apnea.

We took him to the Doctor today to see if this ear infection that he's had for the past month is gone (it isn't). When the doc. saw Jonah's tonsils he was impressed (at how huge they are) They are so big, they touch together in the back of his throat. They have been this way for for the past month, but since they haven't gone down by now, we will probably have to have them removed.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little relieved. I know this is a pretty major surgery for a kid, but I really feel like it's going to be for the best. This explains why he won't fall sleep, why he has been getting up 4 times a night and subsequently been tired all day and has been a real pill. He can't breath. Maybe he'll even stop snoring!

Anyway, I'll keep you updated weather he has to have the surgery or not, but I'm betting we will.


The Wilsons said...

It is good to KNOW what the problem is though, and that its fixable! Good luck!

Bridget said...

Good luck to him and to you! I bet things will be a lot better after it's all over.

tracie said...

wow!! Poor Jonah! And poor Momma!

Steve and Mykin Castle said...

Our Ear Nose and Throat doctor we took the girls to when they were 4 and 5 had a scale of 0-4. If they were a 4 they were called kissing tonsils - Mykayla loved knowing that that is what she had. Mykenzie was a 3 (so almost kissing).