Thursday, September 23, 2010

New post?

I know that blogs are boring when there is only a new post like every couple weeks. THIS blog is boring. I'm bored right now just looking at it. I actually think of new post idea's every day, but by the time I actually have 15 minutes to sit down at the computer, I've either forgotten what I was going to write about, or I've decided that my subject was stupid. Or (tell me if this has happened to you) I sit down intending to write up a new post and decide to check my email-really quickly. When I always have some new notifications from facebook. So of course I get "sucked-in" (as Jer and I call it) to the computer and waste like 30 min on Facebook. By the time I'm ready to write up my post, my free minute is gone and one of my boys, or more likely-both, need my attention.

So let me pose a couple questions. Is it better to post more often with less than great subject matter, or less often with a more interesting post? How can I avoid getting "sucked in" and wasting my precious free time? Since I read a lot, would anyone be interested if I started posting book reviews? And the most important question, what should I make for dinner tomorrow?


Matilda said...

More frequent posts, and chicken fajitas.


Jessica said...

I love book reviews! I'm always looking for new books to read and I prefer to have a review rather than blindly choosing a book at the library.

You should make lasagne. MMmmm.

Lisa K said...

Definitely post book reviews! Love them!!! And you should make grill some burgers and veggies up.

Lisa said...

I think you should post whenever you feel like it. Your blog is about you, your life, and what you like so if you want to post reviews, go for it! I would love to read your reviews.