Monday, November 15, 2010

Lady Antebellum

This is what I did this afternoon. It was sooooo good! This video really doesn't do justice to how good they sounded. And we were so close, in the 7th row. The two guys are from Augusta, and they mayor came out after and gave them a key to the city, and a street sign because they are naming a street in Augusta Lady Antebellum Way. AND they are going to name a new huge park complex after them. When the County commissioner told them about the park, Hillary (the woman singer) got choked up and cried a little. It was so fun to see them be so excited!

They did this short "lunch hour" show with all benefits going to the MCG Childrens Hospital. I just love seeing star's that are so talented, and giving, and they just seem like really great people. I know I'm not a native Georgian, but I really felt proud that they are from here.



Lisa K said...

I love them! How lucky that you got to go to their concert!!