Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What we've been doing

This update is mostly for Jerry, so sorry it's mostly pictures.

hanging out

woke up to this turtle in the backyard


Went to Columbus for Paige's baptism. Congrats Paige!

Hanging out with the Jurgens. Did I mention that I LOVE them!

Went to IKEA, where the boys really really loved it. Can't you tell?

Ollie taking a bath in the kitchen.

We went to the pool.

Hanging out with Jodi

Playing in the sprinkler and eating dirt. Seriously, Jonah is kinda weird:)

The neighbors gave us this slide. SWEET!!

Jonah hasn't been to excited about naps. So he sits in front of the door and has been sleeping there for the past few days. This is what I discovered today. His little hand poking out and he is dead asleep. It's almost heartbreaking.


Lisa said...

Hey how do you know the Jurgens? They were in my ward growing up.

Missy said...

I'm kinda sad that Sariah and my mother-in-law get to spend so much time with you guys :(. I should stow away in their luggage next time.
Oliver's superman stuff is awesome and I kinda love the sleepy hand under the door. It is heart wrenching and warming all at once.
Any time Will puts sand or dirt in his mouth he comes crying to me "My mouf! My mouf!" He's a texture kid.

Katie said...

Lisa, I know the Jurgens like this:

1. Ruth Jurgens is married to Jerry's brother, James.
2. Joey Jurgens is Jerry's best friend (and his wife Missy, has become one of my best friends)

So I'm like double related, by marriage. Twice. :)

Lisa said...

What a small world! That's awesome.