Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonah!!!

Jonah turned 1 on Saturday! We had a great party. I didn't have high expectations when we moved out here because I always imagined his first birthday surrounded by his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors. I didn't think that we would know a single soul here in Georgia by the time his birthday came, but it turns out that we have made a few, but really great friends. All of who came, and it was a really great time. Best of all, Jerry's parents came all the way out here too!

One of Jonah's most defining characteristics is his love for food and feeding himself. However one that is even more prominent is his tendency to stare at new people. S T A R E. Most people think that it's because he is shy, but really he just really studies new people and things. He likes to figure it all out before he makes any moves.

I thought that he would dig in to his cake in record time, but with 12 people staring at him waiting for him to grab that cake and take a bite, he just stared right back.

"Here's your cake Jonah! Take a bite"

"OK, what if I give you a fork?"

"No? OK, what if I put whip cream on top!"

"Just a little taste. No?"

He finally takes a small bite, and...

IT'S GOOD!!!!!!

He kept smiling the whole day.

Jonah and Colton really wanted to go outside and play with the big kids.

Our friends. Lexie and baby Robbie (Neighbors), Paige and Emily Tyler (they moved out here from Eagle Mountain at the same time as us) and Lexie's husband Rob. We also had the Howell's (whom [who or whom?] Jerry knows from Monterey) and Jerry's parents.

Jonah got a swing for his b-day, which he LOVES!

Happy Birthday my little one!

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