Friday, February 20, 2009


Yea! I finally have a few pictures of Jonah, although the quality is poor. These are from our video camera, which takes nice video, the still shots leave much to be desired.

Teeth finally

Kramer hair

He's getting chubby

I wanna be a cowboy baby!


Lisa said...

So cute! Look at those little teeth!

Laura said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! So how many teeth does he have now? Are there two teeth on the bottom as well? I love the picture of him in the cowboy outfit. What a cutie!

Jerry said...

Four, he has two on top and two on bottom. And they are razor sharp!

JimV said...

those are excellent photos.

Lynz said...

Awe, he's so cute! He's getting so big!

Missy said...

That third pic is definitely a "Johnson" look! Holy smokes - he's getting so big - I want to squeeze him!