Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's new?

Here is Jonah giggling and him sticking out his tongue. I have been trying to capture both in video for some time. Sorry about the poor light and my annoying...sound... I am making. Jonah thought it was pretty funny so I kept doing it in order to capture the video.

So much has been going on and also so little. Jonah can a l m o s t sit up on his own. He is eating rice cereal, and pears when my mom is around. He loves it, but I am not lovin the new smells that are showing up in his diaper. yuck. He jabbers on all day, but mostly loves just hanging out with me. He loves sitting in the high chair instead of laying around on the floor. When he does lay on the floor, he rolls all over the place. He has no teeth yet, but has been drooling and chewing on stuff for a couple of months, so who knows when they will come. No signs of crawling yet, but I know that in his mind, he is planning all the things he wants to explore once he is mobile. I can just tell that he is really smart. He knows what cups are for and when he can get his hands on one he puts it up to his mouth and starts lapping like a puppy. When he even sees one of his bowls or spoons, he opens up his mouth waiting for a bite. He is just so much fun.

Here is a picture I've been waiting for since my camera was dropped in the lake. This is Jonah at Bear Lake, his first camping adventure. It was really cold at night, and I forgot a hat for him, so I put a pair of his pants on his head. It worked really great, oh and is so adorable!

Here is a picture of Jonah and my very best friend from Jr. High, Kelly Armstrong. We have been talking about how we need to get together for like 2 years now, and finally today she came over. I love her so much and think about her often. She is truly my soul sister and we always have so much fun together. Back in the day when she and I were inseparable, I really felt like I knew who I was and wasn't afraid of anything. (which I felt was a rare thing to feel at 14) We were so free and SO FUN! I am so glad that she is back in my life.


Anonymous said...

Am I seeing RED hair on this boy!!?

Lisa K said...

That picture with the pants on his head is hilarious!

Katie said...

Yes, he is a red head. It looks kinda strawberry blond inside, but in the sunlight it is BRIGHT red. I love it!

Jerry said...

That's my boy!!!!! I miss you Jonah!

Anonymous said...

Those little chubber cheeks, I just want to squeeze him. What a cutie. I love the laughing between crying. He is at my favorite stage in babies; can move around and entertain themselves but cannot really get anywhere yet so they cannot get hurt. You are doing so good with him! I think I will always love babies no matter how old I get.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the red hair! It's what my boy would have if I could've chosen it.